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14.04.2011: Dear Chess Lovers! Some time ago hosting, where was placed database, whas crashed. The last backup of database was made at 2009
(yes, my stuped mistake, i am sorry!). 3000 entries from database was lost.
I hope, I will restore the most part of lost endgames, but I cant garant correctidudness of endgame identificators.
Now database is placed at "Moldavian National Chess Academy" site (Many thanks to GM Viorel Iordachescu!).
Cyber God and Kaissa with You,
Mihail Croitor
About Chess endgame Study Database Written by Croitor Mihail ( mcroitor(at) ), december 2008
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All endgames, stocked in this database, were found on Internet, mostly from sites: Many thanks to Lebedev Vasily who sent me some commented endgames, to Milan Velimirovic who maked nice web service 'PGN Live'.
Many thanks to composers, who sends me their endgames: Serghey Didukh, Siegfried Hornecker, Rainer Staudte, Daniel Keith, Ilham Aliev,
Guenter Amann.

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